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Bart van Kruistum

My experience
I started my career in 2012 in the compilation practice at Van den Broek Accountants. After gaining experience in preparing annual accounts, I switched to Deloitte in 2014. There I worked for almost 9 years in the audit practice, with a focus on clients in the public domain. This included NGOs, ZBOs, the national government and related organisations, care institutions and cultural institutions. During my employment at Deloitte, I successfully completed both theoretical and practical training to become a registered accountant. Within Vinario I like to work with socially involved organizations that really want to make a difference. That gives me energy!

What I believe in
I believe in clear, timely and honest communication. This forms the basis for good cooperation with both colleagues and customers.

What drives me
An important motivation in my work is making a positive contribution to the important relevant social tasks that my clients have. Often in a dynamic and changing environment. I feel strongly involved in that and I get satisfaction from it.

Business chemistry type
Blue: structured, thorough, objective, solution-oriented and loyal
Green: team player, approachable, reliable and committed