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Our services

Audit support

Does your non-profit organization need guidance with regard to the audit process? Then we are happy to make our knowledge and expertise available. This includes drawing up a high-quality audit file, compiling financial statements and communicating with your accountant. If desired, we can also provide the audit file with a (specified) internal control that the accountant can use. We also demonstrate our added value in the field of internal audits.

Risk Management

We can help set up a sound risk management process that facilitates the management, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of risks. That is what your organization needs, and that is where our expertise lies. We opt for a personalized approach, in which we focus on support for the risk management process. We also help you set up internal control measures that guarantee the reliability of financial management information. In our working method, we use a COSO-oriented approach in which the strategic, financial and compliance objectives are central.

Business & Financial Control

We offer financial economic management advice on a strategic level. For example, we help your organization prepare financial management reports and perform periodic financial analyses. We are also experienced in drawing up and managing budgets and creating a financial dashboard for all financial management information. The focus is on finding an efficient route towards achieving the established KPIs.

Grant management

Within the public sector, many organizations depend on grants. This requires thorough financial reporting for the grant. Vinario is happy to help set up the administrative organization. In doing so, we emphasize compliance with the grant conditions and the preparation of financial statements. We have extensive experience with (European) grant schemes and setting up a tailored grant structure.

Financial statements

We can help your organization with compiling the financial statements, but also with specific accounting topics (such as preparing position papers). Laws and regulations are subject to many changes. This has an impact on valuations and accounting in the financial statements of your organization. In the event of a change in regulations, we can guide your organization from start to finish, both process-wise and financially.

Assurance and other assignments

In our services, from an assurance perspective, we focus on grant controls (including EU grants). In addition, we carry out assignments for the performance of agreed specific activities. Based on the relevant regulations and any additional conditions, we determine the required depth of our work in consultation with you. Depending on this, the results of these procedures lead to an auditor’s report, assurance report or a report of factual findings.

We ensure that your organization is financially in control