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Tjoan Liem

My experience
In 2010 I started my career in the consultancy practice. As a business analyst at Boer en Croon Corporate Finance, I dealt with a broad spectrum of companies and sectors. After gaining experience in data analysis at a boutique consultancy, I further developed this expertise at Buma Stemra – the organization in the Netherlands that represents the interests of music makers. After a few years, I made the switch to Business Control and I completed the training to become a register controller. As a business controller, I have gained great satisfaction from my involvement in strategy development and implementation and the close collaboration with the management team. In the past five years, I have contributed to an improved insight and control of the core activities by professionalizing the planning & audit cycle and restructuring the cash flows. Since November of 2022, I have been strengthening the Vinario team. I enjoy being able to be of significance to our customers with my knowledge and expertise.

What I believe in
I believe that with an open and respectful, but also critical attitude you can get to the core of a problem and create support for creative solutions. The integral approach and involvement of Vinario are the key to success.

What drives me
I get a lot of energy from unravelling and structuring complex issues. With a focus on the core, but with an eye for detail, my goal is to make an impact with the work I do and the organizations I work with.

Business chemistry type
Yellow: strategic and conceptual thinking, investigative, creative
Orange: pragmatic, results-oriented, effective